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Seven Beacons Burning, Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 048 Fall 2021

They asked me why I’d want to spend my life in such a high, lonely place. The winters will be so cold you cannot hear your own thoughts, they said. Only a dull drone, a hum, like the sound that comes from the temple when the monks are at their morning chant.

Two beacon-keepers serve out their sacred duty on a lonely mountaintop–until the day when the drums begin.


No Longer Walk in Loneliness, Silver Blade Magazine, Issue 51 Fall 2021

Every hour of the morning so far, I stopped and thought, Thank the gods he’s dead.

Three orphans trapped in the clutches of the Holy Circle sense the possibility of freedom. But first they have to untangle their souls from a magical bond forced upon them. Or do they? Perhaps the bond is hiding something powerful after all.


I’m Sorry, My Lord, My Love, Sexy Fantastic, Issue 4

I waited a long time to sit at this table and drink this wine.

The truth depends on who is telling the story. Whom do you believe: Edwald, the greedy baron who finally gets his chosen bride; Danor, the robber-turned-ruler who seizes his chance at love; or Lucia, the woman behind them both?


Heavenly Bodies, Typehouse Literary Magazine, vol. 7 no. 2 issue 20

At first, Judith did not notice the demon on her kitchen counter. She was too busy unwinding her scarf from around her neck and using its soft red wool to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

A pain story. A demon story. A love story. (Also a Pushcart Prize 2020 nominee!)


A Feast of Many Flavors, NewMyths Issue #49

They put red crescents out just to tempt us. More specifically, to tempt me…

A short story about a war orphan in a fantasy world who fights for the chance to be queen.

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